Projects in Kenya

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In 2013

. Preparation work with the Koteyo Committee and the Lake Victoria South Water Services Board
. Commissioning of a chlorination device to ensure drinking quality of the water at the end of the network. This was implemented following evidence that consumption is not regular at the kiosks and production is often interrupted due to frequent power outages of long duration (24 hours).
. Meeting with the Kiswaro community located 5 km from the lake. This community suffers from severe water shortages and asked H2O Energies for help.
. Meeting with the West Uyoma committee that manages the water supply for a population of about 30,000 inhabitants, 15 km West from Koteyo. They have water shortages in parts of the network. H2O will make a calculation of their network.

En 2014

Preparation work with the Koteyo Committee and the Lake Victoria South Water Services Board (branch of the Ministry of Water in Kenya).
. Evaluation of the technical and financial management of Koteyo plant.
. Connection request by Rarieda Secondary School (500 students): H2O Energies agrees to finance the equipment, the school will be in charge of digging trenches, pipe laying will be performed by Koteyo community.
. Following the frequent power outages recorded, a study for implementing solar power is undertaken, a quote has been requested to a local company.
. Meeting with the Kiswaro Project Committee and agreement to study the feasibility of a project together with the Lake Victoria South Water Services Board.
. Meeting with the West Uyoma Committee to discuss the results of calculations. GPS field survey of some distribution points for refining the calculations.

Current projects

Kiswaro (5 km from the Koteyo station). Ongoing feasibility study :

Population to serve: approx. 1000 people
A primary school of 450 students
Proposed extension: 2 more primary schools
Treatment of water from Lake Victoria by filtration, sterilisation by ultra-violet and / or chlorination
Transport line of 5 km
Distribution Kiosks
Estimated budget: 140’000.- CHF

Koteyo. Improvement of electricity supply :

Ongoing study for the implementation of solar panels for the production of drinking water and the distribution.
Estimated budget: CHF 25’000

West Uyoma. Study of the network ongoing :

Proposition to install a booster to improve distribution in certain parts of the network.
Estimated budget: CHF 25’000