Koteyo​ Water Project

Population served: about 2000 people

3 primary schools: about 900 students

1 secondary school: about 500 students

Equipment in operation since 2011

  • Water treatment plant with 3 filters using the water of Lake Victoria
  • Pumping station
  • Two pipelines (5 km)
  • 5 distribution kiosks
  • Photovoltaic installation to secure water treatment and pumping (2019)
  • Investment: 270’000 CHF
  • Operating costs: approx. 20’000 CHF/year



During the installation and commissioning H2O-Energies trained the local staff who are responsible for the operation and maintenance of the distribution network and kiosks.

Women’s groups manage the distribution kiosks.

H2O-Energies continues its commitment by supporting this project technically and financially until it is fully taken over by the local community.

Currently, our partner NGO Rafiki, located 5 km from the station, handles the financial and technical management of the project on site. Rafiki is managed by a Swiss woman based in Nairobi, she is also in charge of the contacts with the local authorities.

Actions in progress:
  • Repair and testing of a pipe supplying a market located 2 km from the station. This pipe belongs to the local water service company SIBO, but has not been in use for several years. This project was undertaken with the approval of the Water Officials of the Siaya County.

Events :
  • March 2020: flooding of the filtration plant (photos) caused by rising water levels of Lake Victoria due to heavy rain fall.

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