Kiswaro Water Project

The Kiswaro Water Project is an extension of the Koteyo Water Project, requested by communities located 5 km and more from the treatment plant.

Eventually, it will provide access to drinking water for the population and schools in the area (about 10,000 people and about 2300 students respectively).

The first stage of this project was due to start in April 2020, but has been delayed due to the corona virus. It includes:

  • Laying a 5 km DN 90 mm pipeline (contracted to Irrico, a local company)
  • Construction of a 50 m3 tank in the top location
  • Construction of 3 kiosks

The financial and technical management of the project on site is carried out by Rafiki, our partner NGO located 5 km from the station. Rafiki is managed by a Swiss woman based in Nairobi.

The local community has elected a committee that works with Rafiki to liaise with the population and contribute to the project.

Funding to be provided: infrastructure investment

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